Paper Hanger, Wallpaper Installer

Already Skilled?

We’re seeking a skilled paper hanger (wallpaper installer).  If you’ve got the skills, we need you to join our team.  Full time, part time, or even project based are all options for us.


Looking for Apprenticeship and a Career?  (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)

As an apprentice, you can train and learn from our skilled installer Sheryl.  You will work side by side with her and gain proficiency in all facets of this trade.  At the right time, you will be trusted to do independent solo work with Sheryl checking in as a manager.  This exciting opportunity pays very well, and payrate is determined by your experience coming in, and how quickly you learn.

The right candidate:

  • Must be detailed oriented
  • Must be able to take accurate in measurements
  • Must be able to handle physical activity for up to 8 hrs
  • Have (or be willing to invest in) basic wallpaper tools
  • Be able to follow instructions  both verbally and on written form


Full time employees are eligible for a 401K  after 1 year.  Colorwheel matches up to 3% of the contributions you make.

These are very flexible positions as we constantly strive for work-life balance.


Please send an email to to further discuss these opportunities.  Thank you!


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