Josh Phenis – Painter

Josh is a tremendous asset to our team and has been learning and advancing with Colorwheel for nearly 2 years.   Prior to Colorwheel, he bravely served our great country in Afghanistan as part of ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ as a private first class.

This young man brings his dedication, hard work, and capability to adapt to the workplace every day.  He stays positive and has a can-do attitude.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

There is never a time when Josh isn’t willing to exceed expectations, or lend a hand to a fellow teammate. Josh is an extremely eager worker, even choosing to fill his ‘free time’ with other work.

Never wanting to be idle, Colorwheel is always trying to keep him in motion.

We consider ourselves extremely grateful not only for his hard work he performs, but we are also eternally grateful for all the sacrifice and accomplishments he has made for himself, and our country.

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