Cabinet Improvements, Alterations, and More

Thank you…

Thank you for choosing to work with Colorwheel on your cabinet refinish and/or cabinet painting project!

As a reminder, due to our process and cure time, most cabinet projects have a duration of 3 to 4 weeks.  If a countertop replacement is part of this process, it may extend longer.

We do sincerely hope this is a wonderful update for you.  With the goal of having a pleasant experience, please review this page and let us know if you have any questions.

Hinge and Handle Changes

  1.  It is best that any change to hinges and/or knobs/handles be made before Colorwheel begins the project.  This ensures that everything can and will work as intended.  It also prevents costly rework.  Please be proactive on these points, as they should be handled well before painting begins:
  2.  Hidden Hinge upgrade?  Your cabinet doors may not be thick enough to bore new hidden hinges into.  The door stile (vertical frame piece) also might not be wide enough.  Your box style may also pose some challenges.  Only a qualified carpenter can determine these fittings.
  3.  Hidden Hinge changes often leaves holes on the box face frames that need to be filled, because of course, you will not need them.
  4.  All other new hinges: verify they will work!
    • New hinges do not always fit in the same holes, meaning some or all should be filled.
    • New hinge screws may fit in the same hole spacing, but be of larger or worse diameter, and smaller sizes might fall right out. Again filling or new spacing may be needed.
    • New hinges do not always fit well next to each other (different widths) and conflict in side-by-side doors (or at corners) can arise. A different hinge may need to be selected.  Or doors planed.
    • New hinges are tighter or looser and may not close the same.
    • New hinges may cause the doors to hang differently, appearing askew.
    • New hinges may look the same, but the slightest variance in offset, angle, screw pattern, or otherwise can create a need and change order for alterations.
  5.  New knobs or handles should be checked for fit.  The screws that come with new hardware should be checked for length, ensuring each matches the old length (note: check both doors and drawers as the thickness of the material between these two often varies).
  6.  Ensure old hardware did not/does not leave an indentation in the surface.  To do so, remove the knob/handle and see.  If it did, put a new handle/knob on and see if it covers the indentation.  If it doesn’t, we recommend a change order to fix this.


***IF you need a highly qualified carpenter referral, please let us know***

 Other Considerations & Helpful Actions

  • Please have new hardware unbagged and ready to go
  • Please clear (or mostly clear) your countertops before our arrival, we too feel the coffee pot is a very important item to keep around.
  • Empty or reduce drawer contents so we can access the screws holding the drawer fronts on
  • Move valuable items out of the cabinets simply out of an abundance of caution
  • Avoid pre-cleaning everything, polishing, pledge, murphy’s oil, etc., this actually works against our efforts
  • Empty spice racks or pantry door shelf units if the doors are being taken away
  • IF YOUR BOXES ARE BEING SPRAYED, THEY MUST BE 100% EMPTY. This includes the drawers.

Other Improvements -Timing & Sequence Recommendations

  • Alterations to the system (such as removing a set of cabinets, or adding a new island) should be done before we start.
  • Have floors replaced, refinished, or otherwise before starting the in-house cabinet painting process. We can take the doors/drawers away before this.
  • Have countertops put in before we paint the boxes. This allows any countertop overlap of the box to be true to final condition.
  • New appliances can come in at any time, though preferably after this job is complete
  • Ceiling and wall painting is best done after the cabinets, this allows the cabinet top to be caulked to the ceiling if you desire, and caulking at cabinet boxes can be done so they appear tight to the wall


If any of these topics signal changes you haven’t talked about with your salesperson, please reach out to them immediately.   We definitely want to get things right!

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