The historic homes of Whitefish Bay present many opportunities. The fine craftmanship and details put into these homes are great to accent. Painted trim creates fantastic pop. The right ceiling and wall colors create a cozy and inviting feel. Chances for wood refinishing and restoration are also abound. And last but not least, cabinet painting is a great option in these homes.

No matter the project, Whitefish Bay is a great place to live and to update a home. Time after time, the return on investment remains solid. Colorwheel is happy to work with interior designers in this area, and many remodel firms as well. Save a historic front door with our refinishing. Give a railing new life. Refresh window sills. Convert to painted trim. Update a kitchen with painted cabinets or completely rework the existing painted cabinets to bring them back to their glory. Just imagine all the possibilities that Whitefish Bay homes bring! Without a doubt, your vision and dream can be turned into reality. It might just take some highly skilled work!