Your Experience Stems in Colorwheel’s Culture & Values

An excellent experience comes from an excellent group of people.  The team just can’t be understated.  The culture and values of that team drive the company.   The following values were created by the employees of Colorwheel Painting, LLC:

  1. Commitment:I believe in the mission and vision of Colorwheel Painting, LLC I am committed to Colorwheel’s clients. I am committed to myself and my own journey in life.
  2. Ownership:I am accountable and responsible for my actions and for almost everything taking place in my life. I am accountable for my results and I know for things to change, first I must change or pursue it.
  3. Learning:I learn from my mistakes. I consistently try to learn new things. I seek to learn new skills and gain new abilities. I also seek to learn from others and help others learn.
  4. Success:I focus my thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcomes for Colorwheel and myself. I want to win and I want others to win with me.
  5. Teamwork:I am a team player. I do what it takes to achieve team goals. I focus on cooperation and try to come to a resolution, not compromises.
  6. Balance:I have a balanced approach to life, remembering I must balance work with my own personal life. Within my own personal life, I must keep balance so I can come to work and productive.
  7. Fun:I value laughter and try to create a fun working environment for myself and all others around me. I take time to enjoy and celebrate the successes I experience.
  8. Gratitude:I am happy and grateful for the items and opportunities I have in my life. I say, “thank you” and show appreciation to those around me, including TEAM members, customers, and others I encounter.
  9. Systematic:I recognize by following systems, there is no reason for me to fail at Colorwheel Painting, LLC I know Colorwheel Painting, LLC has systems in place I can turn to, and I am supposed to turn to the system for solutions rather than people. When I have ideas, I implement them into the Colorwheel Painting system.
  10. Innovative:I know there is almost always a better way to do things. I continually ask myself “how can this be done better and when I have an innovation, I share it for the good of the TEAM. I also use Colorwheel Painting’s innovations to my advantage.
  11. Uniqueness:I know I am unique, and the others around me are unique. I respect and appreciate it. I know together, our uniqueness creates a unique team, and a thus a unique business, even if we are a painting company, we can be different from the competition in very good ways.
  12. Image:I know my own image reflects the image of the business. I feel dressing professionally, and staying clean in a dirty business, is important to our success.
  13. Approachable:I am in a service industry, and thus must serve our Customers. I know to do this, I must be approachable. I will seek to meet our Customers and TEAM members and make them know I can be approached at any time, for any reason. I will break down barriers of awkward silence with simple greetings.
  14. Integrity:I speak the truth even if it is a truth I don’t like to admit to. I deliver what I promise, and what Colorwheel Painting promises/contracts with our customer.
  15. Respect:I respect myself and the other items of Culture. I respect others around me, including TEAM members, the Customer, and people I encounter in everyday situations. I also know I can respect someone without having to like them.
  16. Communication:I talk openly with my TEAM and the Customer. I know without communication, systems can’t run correctly, and problems can’t be solved. I will always try to spearhead problems by talking with someone and referring to the systems.
  17. Equipped:I provide the tools and brushes I need. I keep them with me at all times of work. I take care of the equipment I have so it works properly. I realize being equipped allows me to do my job.
  18. Organized: I believe in being organized. This organization helps me live the life I want both at and away from work. I see the benefits of being organized. I seek to make myself and Colorwheel Painting, LLC more organized. I fix unorganized things.
  19. Quality:I push quality throughout my life, for my life, and in the things I do. I use consistency to create quality. I use systems to produce quality. I know learning creates an opportunity for better quality, as does innovation. I also realize quality isn’t always a part of the actual work; it can be Quality of Experience. I will use other points of Culture to ensure I have a high-quality work experience, and the customers have a quality experience with Colorwheel Painting, LLC
  20. Excellence:I believe excellence is a way of life, not an adjective for any one thing I do. I continually seek to be excellent. I can be excellent in exemplifying all the points of Culture. I believe in never ending improvement.
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