10 Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Our professionals at Colorwheel Painting have been working with families in Milwaukee for many years. We know everything there is to know about cabinet painting. If you would like to revamp your kitchen at a reasonable price, we advise you to work with professionals, or it can turn into a costly mess quickly. To help you on your way to a refreshed kitchen, we have kitchen cabinet painting tips for you!


There are 10 tips that you should be aware of for cabinet painting; it is a very tedious and detailed process. These 10 kitchen cabinet painting tips are also the top 10 mistakes our competitors and DIY efforts stumble upon when it comes to cabinet painting.

1. Do not rush

Rushing is a high price to pay. All products have manufacturer listed dry times, and it is imperative to follow them. Many times our competitors will rush with projects to move on to the next client. 

2. Don’t apply thin coats

Again, products have manufacturers listed mil-thicknesses that must be strictly followed. Trust us, not following instructions results in disastrous painting jobs and ruined cabinets.

3. Use the right primer

Compatibility of products is something to keep in mind, anything at the molecular level is very important. Your primer determines whether or not your work will last.

4. Use the RIGHT paint!

Yes, the look is important, but so is durability. You want to use a paint that has the capability of touch-ups and long-term wear and tear. At Colorwheel, we only use the highest quality products in the market.

5. Use paint

You would be surprised at how many competitors substitute paint for entirely different products on cabinet jobs. A typical product that is used instead of paint is lacquer or pigmented lacquer. This product is prone to breakdown by all damp areas, not the best idea for your kitchen cabinets. With these substitute products, be sure to expect chipping.

6. Use the right application method

Listen, even products of the highest quality are not able to conceal a poor application paint job. Cabinets can be complicated, they can have countless corners, tight spots, and edges that require proper technique. At Colorwheel, our painters are professionals with over 100 years of collective experience. 

7. Isolation is key

Paint can easily clog furnace filters and get on everything around. It is imperative to isolate a kitchen to spray paint without having paint dust fall everywhere. It will make the cleaning process a whole lot easier.

8. Clean all surfaces properly

Yes, primer can help, but a lot of mishaps are prevented by adequately cleaning all surfaces. Remember, it helps all the products adhere.

9. Label all hinges

Trust us, if hinges are not labeled correctly, you will find yourself with spacing, gaps, swing issues, closing issues, and much more. Labeling saves you from a lot of chaos.

10. Label all doors and drawers

Labeling will save you time, and you won’t feel like you’re sorting a puzzle. At Colorwheel, we are careful to label and organize all components, including hinges, doors, and drawers before we transport them to our workshop.

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We are professionals and are careful not to make the mistakes our competitors are known for making. With our numerous years of experience and by pulling from our team’s expertise, we can bring you help and additional kitchen cabinet painting tips. Colorwheel has developed a cabinet painting system that guarantees your satisfaction. Please work with us for the best kitchen cabinet painting jobs in Milwaukee.


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