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Colorwheel Painting offers the highest quality residential painting services in Milwaukee. Our painting contractors utilize years of experience and unmatched skill to provide efficient and effective house painting services, bestowing unequaled beauty to you...

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Colorwheel Painting Radio Ads

Starting back in 2013, Colorwheel Painting splashed onto several radio stations in the Milwaukee area. Voiced by owner Michael Madson, the radio ads below chronicle much of the frustration businesses and homeowners experience with either DIY projects, or worse, hiring painters who aren't AMAZING and TURNKEY. After letting our voice be heard in the community, we have been airing new ads ever since.

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The Remodeling Show with Paul Kronforst: Featuring Mike Madson and Andrew Wilson from Colorwheel Painting

One Room or Millions of Square Feet (60 sec)

Re-energize Your Spaces (30 sec)

Sucking the Life Out of YOU? (15 sec)

Move This, Move That, Cover This, Cover That, Tape This, Tape That (60 sec)

Remove Knobs, Remove Handles, Empty Drawers, Remove Drawers, Remove Doors, Protect Floors (60 sec)

Fresh New Look This Holiday Season (60 sec)

Did You Know Colorwheel Has a Painting & Finishing Facility? (30 sec)

We Save You Time & Money (15 sec)

Trapped Indoors All Winter (60 sec)

Dirty Tattered Old Wallpaper (60 sec)

Authentic (30 sec)

Skip the Self-Help Novel (30 sec)

What Was White Is Now Somewhere Between Eggshell and Disgusting (15 sec)

Want to Join the Fastest-Growing Painting Company in Wisconsin? (60 sec)

Owe Friends THREE Weekends (60 sec)

Colorwheel Needs Good People! (30 sec)

Call Me for a New Painting Career (15 sec)

Brighten Every Minute (60 sec)

Fix the Walls? (60 sec)

20% Winter Labor Sale (30 sec)

Why Not Enjoy a Brighter Cleaner Space? (15 sec)