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Wisconsin Professional Painters Alliance (WPPA)

Wisconsin Professional Painters Alliance (WPPA)Owner Michael Madson has informally founded the WPPA, which stands for the Wisconsin Professional Painters Alliance, to improve the landscape of the painting industry in Southeast Wisconsin. The WPPA intends to benefit consumers, by creating a trusted group of professional painters to refer business to, in the event one/more of its members can't help a customer for a variety of reasons.

On the flip side, the WPPA will serve its members by allowing individual contractors to specialize in their market niche; from market area on the map, to market niches, for example exteriors up to 2 stories, exteriors 2 stories and up, commercial buildings, residential interior, cabinet painting, decorative painting and more.

The WPPA will also allow members to work together to serve customers, and know that when they are turning business away, they are still giving the lead to a reputable company. WPPA will also seek to maintain high ethical standards for its members, and promote only the best for the painting industry.

Anyone who has more questions or interest in the WPPA is encouraged to contact Mike Madson.