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Colorwheel Painting offers the highest quality residential painting services in Milwaukee. Our painting contractors utilize years of experience and unmatched skill to provide efficient and effective house painting services, bestowing unequaled beauty to you...

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Milwaukee Staining, Finishing and Refinishing Interior Paint Services

Milwaukee Staining and RefinishingStaining, finishing and refinishing can be a tricky business. Trust the Colorwheel Painting painting professionals to complete your staining project properly with a finished product which looks great and lasts. Acquiring a truly smooth and beautiful finish requires multiple steps.

Many painters take short cuts utilizing gel-based stains to go over the top of existing stain systems. The finished product looks awful. True refinishing requires strong chemicals such as lacquer. There are no short-cuts when you want a beautifully finished stained product.

When you call Colorwheel for a free no-obligation quote, you’ll realize immediately you’re dealing with true professionals. The entire project will be explained to you in a simple, common sense manner. Our staff will explain specifically what we do and why. A precise work schedule will be planned. It will be set up for your convenience, not ours. This is important when staining and finishing work is being done. The materials are safe but quite strong. Our workers will show up right on time. Your property will be respected and protected. Each and every aspect of the work will be completed exactly as promised. The result will be woodwork which will have its natural beauty enhanced and emphasized.

Mantle + Built-In Conversion by Colorwheel Painting

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Painting Pedestals and Various Other Objects

Colorwheel also paints random objects like the pedestals shown here. All painting is completed right in our state-of-the-art Milwaukee facility. No matter what the object is, whether a pedestal or other concrete statue, our master craftsmen are trained in the special process of working around porous materials. When seeking expertise for the painting of pedestals and more, look no further. We revive various objects into the beautiful structures they were originally made to be.

You’ve already paid for quality when you made the purchase. Our painting professionals from Colorwheel will make certain the high-quality is apparent to all. After the work is completed, there will be a clean-up of the project which is flawlessly immaculate. Your absolute satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. All you have to do is stand back and enjoy your beautiful result. Sound good? It will be!

Contact the Milwaukee residential painters of Colorwheel Painting to get a free painting, staining, finishing or refinishing quote at 414-708-6324.

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