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Milwaukee Painting Contractor offers Wallpaper Removal

Milwaukee Wallpaper Removal from Drywall

Wallpaper Removal Milwaukee

Colorwheel Painting, S.C. removes wallpaper according to the surface it’s adhered to. Wallpaper adhered to drywall is only removed with steam and DIF-gel. No scoring tools are used because they leave teeth marks in the drywall paper layer. Our painters provide superior surface preparation so your finished paint job is completed beautifully and without additional surface preparation. Our wallpaper removal process is available for residential customers and commerical interior painting contracts.

Leading Milwaukee-area realtors and many homeowners regularly contact the home remodeling experts at Colorwheel when homes are being prepared for sale or after they are purchased. Removal of old wallpaper is an excellent update. Since our expert Milwaukee interior decorators provide superb service to protect the wall surface, it is simple to repaint the walls for an excellent, attractive décor. This easy restoration often helps home sell much more quickly and for a better price.

Milwaukee professional remodelers from Colorwheel do a completely thorough clean-up after the project is completed, leaving only the beautiful finished wall. It’s a turnkey process from start to finish. We make it as simple and easy as possible. For a fair and firm estimate, contact Colorwheel today.

Milwaukee Wallpaper removal from Plaster

Free EstimatePlaster walls are more tolerant of the wallpaper removal scoring process. Colorwheel Painting, S.C. removes wallpaper as efficiently as possible using scoring, steam and DIF gel. Most plaster walls are found in older homes. You can count on our painter’s ability to repair any damaged plaster walls as part of their surface preparation before painting.

Older homes always need a little more TLC. Milwaukee professional painting specialists have a special admiration for older homes and use great care to preserve the home’s attractiveness and décor. Old homes in established neighborhoods have excellent character and always receive a high priority. Colorwheel painters have earned an outstanding reputation for excellent wallpaper removal from plaster walls. If there is prior damage to the wall, our professional painters will repair it completely before a new coat of paint is applied. Only the finest quality paint will be used. The owner will be kept abreast on all details of the project. Our workers will have complete respect for the property and do a meticulous clean-up. The home will love it and you will, too!

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