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Faux Painting in Milwaukee

Imagine the most elaborate materials like wood and stone, or even marble. Not everyone realizes this luxurious look can be replicated by a master technique called faux painting. And another thing that certainly isn’t realized by everyone is that the best faux painting services are available right here in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Free EstimateDuring the Roaring ‘20s faux painting quickly became a rabid craze. People within the art deco style of The Great Gatsby era were quick to sing the praises of artists who easily convinced people their work was genuine marble or wood. This makes sense, considering faux painting wasn’t attempted by painters without a ten year apprenticeship under their belt. In other words, a faux painter truly has to know what he/she is doing in order to achieve the proper artistic flair.

Decorative Painting on a Variety of Surfaces

There’s a saying related to the clockwork nature of life (and fashion): what goes around comes back around again. The allure of faux painting – also commonly referred to as decorative painting – was no exception. Once more, decorative painting found new life the moment wallpaper fell out of fashion (i.e. late 80's/early 90's). To this day, decorative painting is still popular on a variety of surfaces, from textured walls and crown molding to furniture like tables and dressers.

Faux Painting Services in MilwaukeeOne tricky aspect of faux painting is pulling it off as a do-it-yourselfer. After considering that another greatly clichéd saying is, “you get what you pay for,” the stench of failure can rear its ugly head. Without the on-site experience of an expert’s expert to master every stroke, a DIY faux painting job will easily collapse into the recycling bin of “Pinterest Fails.”

Artistic Finishes Designed to LAST

With decades of experience, Colorwheel Painting has mastered the efficiency behind artistic finishing. We design unique looks to match your desired style and make sure the artistic finishes we apply will LAST for future generations to cherish. Whether in Brookfield, Wauwatosa, or anywhere else in Milwaukee, Colorwheel provides FREE estimates for all projects in need of faux finishing services.

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