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Colorwheel Painting offers the highest quality residential painting services in Milwaukee. Our painting contractors utilize years of experience and unmatched skill to provide efficient and effective house painting services, bestowing unequaled beauty to you...

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Milwaukee Residential Painting Services include Drywall and Plaster Repair

Milwaukee Professional Painters Do excellent Drywall Repair

Expert Waukesha PainterDrywall repairs are fairly simple to complete but there are definitely tricks of the trade, and key things to do in order to keep things clean! Whether it’s a nail pop, corner crack or tape seam failure, Colorwheel Painting painters can fix it. No matter how big the hole, our residential painters provide superb drywall repair services. We even promise to never ask how the hole got there. Once completed, we can resurface the wall to match the surrounding area so the wall looks as good as new.

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Drywall repair always has an excellent effect. When a wall is damaged, it is noticed by everyone who comes into the room, especially you. Your eyes go to it right away. Our expert professional painters will get rid of the problem. The result will be a smooth, attractive finished look. The best material and tools are used. A firm and fair estimate will be provided in advance along with a work schedule designed to cause the least inconvenience for you or your family. The work will be done right the first time. You will not be bothered by this again. An onsite manager from Colorwheel will be there with our workers to make certain the project is completed with the best-quality craftsmanship. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Milwaukee Plaster Repair is no problem for our professionals

Plaster wall repair is a more involved process. Our residential painters “grind out” or “scrape out” the crack in the plaster. The painters then fill the crack with a flexible material with hope that future stress doesn’t cause the wall to crack again. Proper plaster repair is particularly important in the Milwaukee area where temperature fluctuations cause a house to expand and contract more frequently. Yes, your house does that!

Repairing a plaster wall is almost a lost art. Our well-trained professional Milwaukee painters know how to do it and they do it exceptionally well. You can be assured the repair will be thorough. The damage will not somehow recur. The repair will be permanent. All aspects of the repair will be expertly handled, especially the finish work. The repair will be completely invisible. Nothing will distract from the attractiveness and character of the room décor. Milwaukee professional painters from Colorwheel provide service all through Southeastern Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Waukesha and Ozaukee Counties. Our reputation is excellent because we never subcontract interior work or use inexperienced individuals. The techniques we employ are always skilled, honest and effective. Call Colorwheel today for the best plaster repair in Southeastern Wisconsin!

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