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Milwaukee Cabinet and Trim Painting Services

Milwaukee Cabinet and Trim Painting

Milwaukee Cabinet PaintingTrim and cabinet painting is not as simple as it may appear. Many painters paint trim and cabinets incorrectly leaving you with items cracking, peeling, wearing or tacky to the touch. When Colorwheel Painting painters apply paint to trim, we either degloss, sand, prime, or take a combination of these techniques before the top layer of paint is applied. If the trim requires multiple layers of paint we sand in-between coats. Painting with a new coat of paint without the proper preparation is doomed to fail.

When you think about it, it’s easy to see why preparation is just as important as application. Even the best paint will not be as attractive or long-lasting if the surface isn’t properly sanded or primed. At Colorwheel, our professional painters never overlook the small details which can make all the difference between a beautiful, long-lasting painting project and one which might have to be repeated in a few years because all of the work was not properly done.

When you contact Colorwheel, you’ll understand why we are Milwaukee’s best residential professional painting contractor. You’ll receive a firm and fair quote in advance. The work will be scheduled to cause you the very least inconvenience. The process will be fully explained to you. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. For your next painting project – especially for cabinets and trim – be sure to call the residential experts at Colorwheel for a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll be glad you did!

Contact the professional Milwaukee cabinet and trim painting specialists for a free quote at Colorwheel Painting, S.C. today (414-708-6324).
Can the cabinets be painted?
In almost all cases, yes. We have yet to find an exception to the rule. How do I know if mine can be painted, or if it's worth painting them? If you like the profile of the cabinets, that is, the general shape, contour, style, etc., and its only a color issue or they are worn out, then yes, it is likely worth it to paint them.
Can oak cabinets be painted?
But what about the grain?
Typically the right procedures will drastically reduce and nearly eliminate the pitting in the grain, which tends to be the biggest "issue" with Oak.  When it comes to the swirl pattern of oak, it always will be present though it will diminish with multiple layers of paint being applied. 
How long does it take?
Usually, the boxes (where everything is stored and shelved) take about one week. The week does not generally consist of 8am to 5pm days, but rather, partial days. For example, the preparation of the area and priming might be done on day one by two pm, thus hitting a standstill while the primer dries, then sanding and painting a first coat might be done on day two by noon, and then production hits a standstill while paint dries. The doors and drawers themselves usually take 2 to 2.5 weeks. This allows them to be processed, and fully cured, before being transported back to your home.  Darker colors can take longer.
What do you use for primer?
Zinsser BIN Pigmented Shellac
Can you use a Prime & Paint in 1-step product?
No. Standard latex primers will not properly adhere to a previously stain and lacquered, or conversion varnished surface.  Even if they do adhere, they rarely offer the stain blocking properties needed and residual grease, dirt, and cleaning product residue can penetrate them.  
What do you use for a top coat?
After trying and testing many of the products on the market, we've found a brand of paint in the California Paints line that offers simply incredible appearance and durability!  To our knowledge, no other painting contractor in the market uses this product.
What about pigmented lacquer?
Pigmented lacquer is not a good choice in moisture prone areas.  Instead, go for pigmented conversion varnish.  Unfortunately, Colorwheel does not offer these products.  
How many top coats will I need?
At a minimum, 2. Possibly more depending on surface conditions.
Do you sand between coats?
Typically we sand the primer to make it smooth, and then no further sanding is needed.  Of course if we see a need for it, we go ahead and do it.
How do you prepare the surface?
We use a cleaner and deglosser to remove surface contamination from the surfaces. This happens before priming.  Grease, residue from cleaning products, hand print oils, and general dirtiness must all be remedied.
Do you caulk gaps?
Yes. This happens after priming. The primer will "highlight" gaps where wood meets wood, and where wood meets the wall. We do not typically caulk any gaps in floating panels at doors though, as they are pront to opening up and looking suspect.
How much will this cost?
In GENERAL, Smaller kitchens typically start at $2500 and are often done for less than $3300. The average size kitchen will cost between $3500 and $4500... a range that can encompass an island.  Larger kitchens are typically $4500 to $6000.  Please note, the rates shared do NOT include grain filling, which is an extra process Colorwheel offers to help with OAK specifically.  The rates also do not include artistic endeavors such as distressing, glazing, striping, or high gloss finishes.   Other cost impact comes from repairs to surfaces, changing hardware locations, shelves, islands, number of colors being used, crown molding, profilie complexity, etc.
How do you actually quote the kitchen?
We can quote from photos, but prefer to quote by visually inspecting them and being there. A count of the number of doors to be done is crucial, as is a number of drawers or drawer fronts. Forming a plan for what items the customer will handle (if any, such as removing door knobs) also helps.
How do I get more information?
Contact Colorwheel Painting directly. 414-708-6324 or info@remodelandpaint.com

Issues We Encounter and Remedy:

Cabinet Painting Hair in Finish Fix

Hair in finish, will be remedied. 

Cabinet Painting Lacquer Drip Fix

Drips in finish, will be remedied.

Process in the Shop


The first step is to remove the doors and drawers. The boxes on-site are handled in a very similar process, with the caulking of gaps included.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Washed and Deglossed Door

STEP #2 

Step two is to wash & degloss the doors:


Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Sanded

Step three is to lightly sand it.

STEP #4Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Step four is to mask off drawer boxes (this is ONLY relevant if the face does not detach from the box itself).

Refinishing Cabinets Mask Off Drawers

Step four continued: masking off drawer boxes.

Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets Underside

Step four continued: masking off drawer boxes.

Repainting Drawers Side View

Step four continued: masking off drawer boxes.

A Stack of Masked Drawers

A Stack of Masked Drawers


Step five: priming both sides.

A Stack of Sanded Doors

A Stack of Sanded Doors

Primed Door Example of Open End Oak Grain

Primed Door Example of Open End Oak Grain

Primed Door 2nd Example of Open End Oak Grain

Primed Door 2nd Example of Open End Oak Grain

Primed Door 3rd Example of Open End Oak Grain

Primed Door 3rd Example of Open End Oak Grain


Step six is to search for—and remedy—any further defects.

Primed Oak Door Previously Poorly Sealed or Poor Quality Oak

Primed Oak Door Previously Poorly Sealed or Poor Quality Oak

Oak Door Previously Poorly Sealed or Poor Quality Oak Angle View

Oak Door Previously Poorly Sealed or Poor Quality Oak Angle View

Primed Oak Door Previously Well Sealed High Quality Oak

Primed Oak Door Previously Well Sealed High Quality Oak


Step seven: grain filling (if applicable to the contract).


Step eight is to paint the doors and drawers.

Samples of painted oak cabinet doors:

Cabinet Door Painting 1

Cabinet Door Painting 2

Cabinet Door Painting 3

Cabinet Door Painting 4

Cabinet Door Painting 5

Cabinet Door Painting 6

Finished Cabinet Doors 1

Finished Cabinet Doors 2

Finished Cabinet Doors 3


Step nine is to safely package and deliver the cabinets to the site.

STEP #10

Step ten: install and perform final touch-ups.

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