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Colorwheel Painting offers the highest quality residential painting services in Milwaukee. Our painting contractors utilize years of experience and unmatched skill to provide efficient and effective house painting services, bestowing unequaled beauty to you...

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Our Milwaukee Painting Company Difference

The Truth About Small Residential Painting "Companies"

Milwaukee Painting Company DifferentIn our opinion, most Milwaukee residential painting companies aren't much of a “company” at all. In theory, a company has different people who are delegated different tasks and responsibilities. Instead, most painting companies are actually self-employed individuals who wear multiple hats, doing everything from answering phones to estimating, painting, and billing. Sure, there are some who do this well; however, it usually means their time is spread extremely thin. It's hard for one person to do all these things well. Most often, these individuals think they can paint, and by doing it thus have a painting company. Seldom is this true or even feasible.

In addition, some of these "one man and a truck" operations have a part-time helper or two, who is/are typically a poorly trained individual without enough knowledge to work a jobsite alone. This person is really just "an extra set of hands." Overall, the horror stories regarding contractors typically result from these kind of operations - giving our residential painting industry a bad name. Slow, inconsistent, unreliable service is the norm while the owner is busy on the job. Next, when the job is done, the owner is desperate for work again and will cut all sorts of deals to get work (or as the stigma dictates, head to the bar). In our opinion, this is a rollercoaster ride you don't want to be a part of.

The Truth about LARGE Residential and Commercial Painting Companies in Milwaukee:

Most large commercial painting companies have done a nice job systemitizing but that's just it, you'll become a number in their system.  They rely heavily on a national image to sell you. They will likely entice you with being "The Biggest or Largest in North America" but what lies between the cracks will scare you. On multiple levels, their "system" is actually flawed. The truth is, you'll rarely interact with the actual owner or franchisee. The salesman who estimates your job is someone you'll probably never see again and the work will be produced by subcontractors or college kids more often than not. Now, "there's nothing to worry about" they'll say, "We have a great warranty!"

But you must ask yourself, do you really want the headache of calling them and dealing with warranty issues? Do you want to call a national call center troubleshooting for you from 2,000 miles away? Do you want to play phone tag with an owner you never met? And do you realize once damage is done on your house, it's a huge hassle to fully and properly fix it?

Finally, you must understand why this all happens. The truth is the subcontractors are usually paid per job and receive only a fraction of what you're paying.   This simply means if a job is allotted 100 hours of time and the subcontractor finishes early, they’ll pocket the extra time value/money.  And becuase they have a low budget to work with already, they really tend to push through!  Conversely, if a job is over budget, the painting subcontractor takes a loss.  So, the true incentives are shortcuts in work to ensure they make as much money as possible. Shortcuts mean more money for the subcontractor. Shortcuts mean warranty issues for you a year later when your paint job fails. 

Colorwheel Painting, the Best Fit for You!

Colorwheel Painting has a VERY solid business model which makes it the best option for you.  It is a hybrid system, utilizing the advantages of both small and big business, and eliminating the downfalls of both. At the most basic level, here's what we offer:

Support infrastructure is accessible and acts quickly. You can always talk to someone to set up a quote, request to be patched through to specific members of our team, or leave a message of course which we'll return in a timely manner. 

  • Small "companies" often don't have infrastructure
  • Large companies put you through a national call center and play a game of phone tag

Our owner or a full-time staff member bids your jobs, can visit your job, might even do your job, and definitely cares about your experience.

  • Small "companies" are quite competitive with this - but lag in service
  • Large companies have salesmen you'll never deal with again

A core group of full-time painters are seasoned Colorwheel Painting professionals. The average experience level of our current staff is 17 years!

  • Small "companies" have an owner and maybe a helper. Your project will suffer from the helper’s insufficient experience. Projects will come to a halt when the owner leaves to care for other things.
  • Large painting companies rely heavily on subcontractors. How well are the subs known? Do they really have a vested interest in the company or just want to be paid? What is the pay structure? There are MANY problems with subcontractors.

Colorwheel Painting employs enough painters to efficiently do most sized jobs in a timely fashion.

  • Small "companies" will linger around your place for weeks at a time, possibly coming and going, and often unpredictable.
  • Large "companies" have enough painters, but don't know the true quality the men produce. They have a warranty, but once the painting is messed up, it’s too late, going backwards on a paint job is extremely hard to do, leaving you with a long-term headache.

We are accountable to a high degree as we rely greatly on your repeat business and referrals.

  • Small companies burn through customers, because they can always find a new one. They don’t need a lot of business to survive.
  • Big companies burn through customers, because their large scale branding and advertising (TV, direct mail, flyers) lets them find new targets.

Colorwheel Painting has the ability to be quick and adaptable to meet your needs.

  • Small companies just can't fit your schedule, do large projects in a timely fashion, and you may have to wait a long time before they get to you.
  • Large painting companies with subcontractors don't like to break up their teams and attend to small jobs, it’s too much hassle for most of them. Additionally, subcontractors are quick to get fired, or quit, which means you’ll have your job rescheduled…and rescheduled…and rescheduled…and often, you might not even be told! Or you’ll have a complete change of staff in the middle of things. Yikes!

You can read reviews of our workers and see photos of their work!

  • Small companies usually don’t have many public reviews. They often use photos and images that aren’t really theirs (by using Google images for example) or rely only on word-of-mouth (not such a bad thing).
  • Large companies usually have positive reviews of residential painters, BUT, these reviews were earned somewhere else along the line, SOMEWHERE and ANYWHERE in the country. Truthfully, the people who earned those reviews won’t be the people at your house.

We give you testimonials from actual, local customers, inviting you to see the job first-hand.

  • We admit, small companies might have this too, if they have a website or portfolio.
  • Large companies can quote testimonials from anywhere their chain exists. This doesn’t really help you gain perspective on what you’ll really experience.

Ultimately, Colorwheel Painting isn’t a group of “painters.” We’re a business first, exercising business principles, and providing painting service as one part of what we do on the greater whole.

Contact the Milwaukee residential painting experts at Colorwheel Painting, S.C. today at 414-708-6324 for a free quote and begin getting the service you deserve.